Alien Encounter in Los Angeles, California on January 7th 2015 – Looked like UFO upside down boomerang had a v on middle but when turned sideways looked like a creature of sort

4:55 p.m. parked car in front of home,& my younger son outside of car looked up said “what is that?”then he went in the house to get his binoculars, I looked up from inside car saw something Dark/Black up in the sky South West, son looked threw binoculars said it looks really weird I looked threw binoculars it was solid black some sort of UFO upside down boomerang Not moving, Two daughters looked threw binoculars saw it as well my older daughter tried to take a picture with her camera but it is not a good camera for that height, i got the binoculars again to observe it a while it slowly turned to its side and it did not like a UFO but maybe A creature/Alien? Had a wispy tail like and wispy wings but not wings slow moving tentacles/arms/ very hard to describe but it is not like anything iv’e ever seen :O I then showed the same children and they saw as well.The thin arms/wispy tentacles moved in different forward directions i just watched it for a while two planes did pass not to far form it so it appeared to be the size of a huge airplane, then i had to leave i was late to meet a friend left at 5:29 was still up in the sky when i left.

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