If anything that Bob Lazar revealed about S-4 was real, why is he alive

Just thinking, don’t people who reveal top secret government secrets have a habit of having accidents and disappearing? Bob Lazar – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Robert “Bob” Lazar (/ləˈzɑr/;[2] born January 26, 1959) is the owner of United Nuclear Scientific Equipment and Supplies. Lazar also claims to have worked as a scientist and engineer, reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S4, in the Emigrant Valley and Old Kelley Mine area, near the Area 51 test facility. He claimed to have passed several tests by U.S. military officials and was warned that should he reveal anything, his family would be executed (Lazar reportedly signed an agreement to this). Lazar stated the space probe on which he worked creates its own gravitational pull and can pull the fabric of space and time toward it. Both universities from which he claimed to hold degrees have no record of him.

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