Live recording of Giant Doughnut-Shaped UFO flying out of the Sun

While filming the sun on Jan. 06 2015 with an H alpha telescope Crrow777 captured a massive doughnut-shaped UFO and it seems the UFO comes straight out of the sun.

There are many still images or time lapse videos of similar objects next to the sun and often these objects are debunked as lens flare or camera glitch, but now with the unique live recording of such an object it has been proven that these massive doughnut-shaped UFOs exist and moving at enormous speed.

It’s unclear if the object, which seems to be under intelligent control, is an advanced alien craft or a living parasitic creature in space, a so-called ‘Archon’.

Video: To see the doughnut-shaped UFO skip to the 7.34 Mark in the video.


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