Black Triangle Sighting in North Jackson, Ohio on January 6th 2015 – 2 dark triangle objects with red/orange lights, nonblinking on each corner, moving in formation at low altitude

I was driving West on I-76, just East of Lake Milton, near North Jackson, OH at 10:27pm on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 when I saw 2 pairs of bright red/orange round lights moving slowly from the North to the South from the woods approaching the highway. The lights were solidly illuminated with no pulsation at all. Both sets of lights were the same distance apart, suggesting that they were on objects of the same size. I thought they were helicopters at first, but there were no blinking lights anywhere. As I approached where they were crossing the highway, I saw both pairs of lights stop at the same time, where they hovered for a few seconds. Then the light on the right (or the North side) raised up on both objects at the same time, and they started moving in the opposite direction (to the North) at the same time, staying the same distance apart from each other. As I passed the point where they hovered and changed direction, I looked intently to see a shape of an aircraft, expecting to see a helicopter’s shape. I noticed that there was an outline connecting the lights, but nothing toward the left where there should have been. That is when the third light came into view on each object and I could see the triangle outline. The third light was a bit dimmer than the other two on each object. There was cloud cover higher up, but the lights were bright enough that I could tell they were well below the clouds and were completely unobstructed. Once I saw the third light I immediately pulled over but the lights had disappeared over the treetops on the North side of the road by the time I came to a stop, which reaffirms that the objects were not very high up if they could not be seen after only a few seconds of moving slowly. I could not hear anything when I got out of the car, and there was not much traffic to interfere with my ability to hear. The first car did not pass for 5-10 seconds after I had gotten out of my car.

Very shortly after first seeing them, I could tell how much bigger the lights were than would be expected on a traditional aircraft, and I could tell from the spacing that the object was very large, probably 70-100 feet on each side. I had a feeling of wonder and was very moved in a way I had never experienced before. Another thing I thought was incredible was the fact that I read about an identical account back in March of 2014 only a couple miles from my experience. In both cases, the lights came and returned to the North, which is also the general direction of the Ravenna Arsenal, a place I witnessed many training missions being flown from as I grew up living several miles to the South for 20 years. We would see large military aircraft flying in formation over our house all the time. This was definitely no traditional military or civilian aircraft. Nothing I have ever seen in the sky or on the land has made me feel the way this sighting did.

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