UFO Sighting in El Cajon, California on December 24th 2014 – three orange lights travelling southeast to northwest under cloud ceiling of 2700 ft. No sound. No maneuvers. straight line approximately 10-15 seconds apart (from apex).

It was 12/24/14 around midnight. I just arrived home from work (I’m a nurse at a psychiatric facility). I looked up as I always do, observing the night sky. The sky had what are called ‘Broken clouds’ with patches of clear sky between. I looked toward the North Star and watched as a pumpkin-orange light moved in a Northeasterly direction and slowly faded away into the clouds. Looking towards the southwest where this object appeared to be coming from, I saw a second object of the same color, follow the track or trajectory of the first. Looking to the southwest again, a third light, same color again, followed behind at approximately the same distance between the first and second object and disappeared into the clouds. There was no sound. I checked the local weather and the cloud ceiling was 2700 ft. There is a civil airport less than two miles from my apt and the three lights cut across the flight path of the usual air traffic. Planes don’t have orange lights and these were steady and unblinking. I continued to observe the sky for approximately 15 minutes and nothing else unusual was noted.

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