UFO Sighting in Springfield, Missouri on January 9th 2015 – Daughter and I thought we would see a fiery crash; slow, reflected off neighbor's car, giant flame object with 4-5 red lights.

I was sitting on my sofa 10:50 PM watching TV and looked out my large window to the northeast and saw what looked like a fire in the sky at altitude that a hospital helicopter might fly. I called to my daughter to watch with me. We agreed to stay inside in case it was a craft on fire. The object looked like two diamond shapes attached vertically, almost like an 8. It was shining brightly, some flickering, 4 to 5 small, round red lights or orbs located on the left side of the object. It was on a path from northeast to south and southwest. I was very afraid of it. The emitted light reflected on my neighbor’s car. We did not hear a sound. It moved approx. 5 mph over my house and going over the Park. I could not see a firm structure and the edges were wavy. It seemed to be columnar. As it came over our street my daughter and I agreed that we did not know what it was and we both called it a UFO. We were very shocked and disturbed and sat together for a couple of hours, of all things, we watched Ancient Aliens on TV. We did not call 911 or anyone. I am relieved that it was not a burning, crashing object. When it was over my property, I went to my south kitchen window and in a moment I could see it. I could see the bright, fiery, glowing object and could not see the red lights. It still seemed like a vertical column shape. My window is small so I lost sight of it. This experience raised my blood pressure, and I keep reminding myself to breathe. It is almost 4 AM CST, and I won’t be going to bed. I am too shocked and if I am honest, too terrified.

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