Black Triangle Sighting in Royersford, Pennsylvania on July 16th 2012 – We've seen aircraft and beings. Not the human sort.

We have had 2 encounters with “beings”, who take on the appearance/color of their surroundings. Our sightings include 1 in my car in our driveway where this being took on the color of the interior of my vehicle. The 2nd encounter was at the back of the house where this being was able to jump( we heard where it landed),from the ground to the next story deck then proceeded to the top of the house. Stealth seemed to be it’s objective and we are puzzled as to why we “caught” these beings quite accidentally. Finally, “we” have witnessed what I describe as air craft of sorts. Lots of them. 2 in particular have been witnessed by myself and in combination with other individuals. These are triangular in shape and huge and not moving, stationary over the house. I have some iPhone video and a friend later did a sketch of what he saw. We are not UFO or alien hunters
and have no desire to attract the attention of a bunch of nut case whack jobs. Thank you very much. If your group is legit, I will be willing to speak with you, as what I have stated here is not all we have witnessed. The first entity/being I saw was featureless as if it was wearing a mask for fencing. It’s whole body was the same color, all of it.The being was sitting in the front seat of my car. This was quite starling and magnificent. I am a “lock” freak.I lock everything up tight and even reported this to the local police as a break in to my vehicle but did not tell the police officer I saw an alien creature only that “someone” was in my car. I believe this location/general area is full of lots of unexplainable activity and your group may be interested in investigating. Thank you.

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