Black Triangle Sighting in Royersford, Pennsylvania on July 16th 2013 – I am not tech savvy. This goes with case number 62560. I retrieved the iPhone video since I submitted !st report. Hoping to uphold this video properly frrom my phone.

In answwer to questions:
1: 1/4 of a mile from home driving car with 2 people in middle of nite to buy Slupees from local 7/11. Summer time
2: The 3 of us riding in car and would have to be blind not to notice this triangular object.
3 & 4: Triangular oblect hovering high over houses in this neighborhood of single family homes which are approximately 3500square ft in size. Trying to give you a scale of object. Object in a westerly direction hovering flat. It moves from being in a horizontal flat position to moving to a vertical position. We could see this as a result of the object’s lights.
5: We pulled the car over and watched this object. Of course we were excited, doubtful, but this was not the first time we/I have witnessed unexplainable aircraft and beings.
6:I personally was concerned with the safety of my passengers in my car. (This btw was the car that I first saw the being who took on the appearance of the car’s interior a year prior.Filed the police report with The Upper Providence Township Police Department. Did not tell them I saw an “alien” just “someone” in my car. Crazy stuff)
My personal reaction was/is one of awe and grateful it is not only me alone witnessing these things.

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