What do i do?

Okay, so I had to find a site like this so I can get some help..

Let me first say i have been DEATHLY afraid of aliens ever since i was a kid and saw a movie with some Greys in it.
Ever since then i have still to this day slept with the light on / OR stayed up all night, then sleep all day.
My fear has pretty much ruined my social life, and my mind itself. I don’t like going out, no one believes my sightings in El paso, I cant tell my doctors that the high pitched ringing in my ears are what i believe are aliens doings, and im beginning to think I am just loosing my mind.
So, i really need you alls advice, SHOULD i go get help from a doctor or therapist and accept that i am going insane, or is there a way to put an end to my fear or repress it??
i just dont even know , yall ):

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