UFO Sighting in Matthews, North Carolina on January 5th 2014 – Halo Moon UFO

On Dec 21st 2012 around 1 am I witnessed what I call a Halo Moon. Essentially what this looks like is a huge circle almost like a large lens in from of the moon. It’s a very curious sight and occurs typically on full moons at or around 1 a.m.

That same year before this event I had a UFO encounter while flying with father to Virginia. Ever since I’ve been focused on the sky to find proof of the E.T. phenomena.

On Oct 9th 2014 after looking at the night sky for many years I noticed the same Halo moon. At 1 a.m. but this time I had my phone and took a picture. Within the Halo I noticed an object that I could not see with my eye’s within the Halo. The object was in orbit around the moon and threw my phones star walk app I made sure to determine during these times the celestial traffic so this would not be debunked. I also took multiple pictures from various angles to ensure this photo was not a reflection of moon light on my camera lens.

I also for the first event woke my wife up at 1 a.m. to show her the object. It was invisible to the human eye but visible threw the camera which had a large range of visible spectrum allowing the hidden object to be visible to it. This object around the moon was by my estimation 30 miles long. It was an enormous size. Having confirmed that the Halo around the moon was somehow linked with this object I came to look for it every night.

Jan 5th 2015 At 1 a.m. I witnessed the third Halo moon and as soon as I saw it I rushed to get my camera to affirm the object previously witnessed was linked to this event. To my great surprise the object was exactly as it was before. As before it changed colors within the camera from silvery white to blue. It is clearly a solid object that is attempting to obscure itself from view. Yet while this object didn’t want to be seen by the general public it threw telepathic connection wanted me to be aware of it. I had from the sighting with my father and knowing beings of other worlds are real had allot of anger feeling different from other people knowing a profound truth amidst of world of people who are for the most part ignorant to it. The message sent essentially was they want to help and are here for those of the world who will positively interact with them. Threw this telepathic link a great deal more information was provided this information gives a history of our planet which has been for sometime unknown and misunderstood.

You may witness this event to discover the truth of my statements and also witness a UFO. This UFO you will witness is large 30 miles long at minimum. It can be seen best during a Full Moon at 1 a.m. during what I call a Halo moon. At this time you will witness what seems to be a large lens in front of the moon. If you then take your iPhone and turn the camera towards the moon threw that lens you will see an object you can’t see with your eyes. At the time of the last sighting the I used my Star Walk 2 app to affirm the locations of planets and satellites to ensure this would not be debunked as Jupiter. Also these objects are easily visible to the naked eye while this object is not. Only threw a lens which allows a large field of light to be seen can you witness the object. The UFO is essentially from my telepathic understanding cloaked to avoid being seen. Yet they wanted to be seen by the people who are paying attention or looking for the right reasons. This object is solid although it is cloaked and it is massive!!! I advise your UFO teams to try this out and see a 30 mile long UFO for yourselves to prove this to the world.

Happy Stargazing!!!

Photo 1 shown is from Oct 9th which I can prove the dates of them being captured. The Halo isn’t visible due to the darkness and the light of the moon but the UFO within it is.

Photo 2 essentially shows the same object on Jan 5th taken with the same camera under the exact same light conditions.

Remember this UFO is in orbit around the moon. Also this light is invisible to the naked eye only via the camera does it show. It will also change colors when you view it. Yet to be seen from Earth so clearly means the object is insanely large. Clearly not made on Earth.

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