UFO Sighting in San Jacinto, California on January 13th 2015 – Approx 50 spheres were grouped together then dispersed apart

My mother and I drove up to a house driveway to see it looking for a rental home. She stayed in car while I checked the home out from the front . She suddenely called my name, I turned around to see her looking at the sky. I saw several spheres grouped together, as if they were basketballs about 1000 feet up. Except these spheres quickly disbursed in all directions. I kept my eyes trained on two of them, that also disbursed apart one heading north and one heading west. They flew under a type of intelligent control. Changing their flight path and speed at times. Very fast. The whole viewing lasted 30 seconds. They were objects that seemed to be ejected from something all at once, and then flew in all different directions apart from each other

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