UFO Sighting in Tulsa, Oklahoma on January 14th 2015 – Bright Green Lights in front, Red light in back sounded like lawnmower

Looked out patio door at 2 a.m., noticed some really bright solid green lights in the sky coming from the North airport area towards me. They were so round and bright! Wondered what the heck was in the sky. So I sat there looking out door. When it got close to my house I could see at least 3 really large and bright green lights in the front, it could have had more green lights, I did not count. It was close to tree top level, I could hear thru my glass door it was really a loud noise it made, sounded like a really loud lawnmower in the sky. As it got close to house it turned to the East and I could see a bright flashing red light at back of this thing. I live near airport and see lights all the time on airplanes and helicopters. Never heard one that sounded like this or seen anything that had that many large green lights on the front of it. It continued on going to the Southeast of me. Really strange! Those bright green lights is what caused me to watch it. Don’t think it was an airplane, maybe some new kind of craft or helicopter?

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