Black Triangle Sighting in Andover, Kansas on January 15th 2015 – Ufos spotted looking like a bright star at first but was soon discovered to be ufo

Was going east bound on Hwy 400 east of Wichita Ks. At first they looked like bright stars, but as we continued too drive east we discovered they were some kind of either ( tower ), or craft. As we got closer we realized it was way too high too be a tower, and was obviouslly not a star. It was dark, and the Hwy we was on was heavily traveled, so we had some road glare from oncoming traffic, but the sky was clear and Andover Kansas is a small town, so visibility was great. At first it only had One visible light on the front which was ( white ), and large. As we neared it we realized it was in fact very large and quite obviouslly not a Balloon or tower cause of its Height. As we went under the Object is when we noticed its ( Shape ), which appeared too be Triangular, and i would say about 100 feet accross. It was dark of course above us but based on perspective that would be my best guess. It started flashing red, blue, and occasionally green colors along its peremiter. Mostly red and blue, was most dominate. While under the craft is when we saw its shape. We could tell its shape because along its perimeter was multiple ( white ), lights , which stayed on steadily. As we went past it i could see a barage of white lights on its rear end which ( blinked ), from left bottom corner too upper right hand cornerthen, left upper, then bottom right hand side. The object was quickly lost from my view shortly after that because of my driving my car away from it. But i happened too notice Another unusally bright object straight ahead and slightly ( Up ), which blinked like a sate-lite does so thats what i thought it was, at first. The second object was roughly 20 miles ahead of the first object and was very high up above me when Suddenly its lights went verrrry bright and for a second i swore their was a beam, but if their was it had to be very fast, but it shone brightly for about 2 seconds then, it went back too regular blinking. I remember thinking that if the second object was a satelite it shouldve went off my view. That when i realized It also was Stationary, and very high up. I do know their is some unusual things going on out east of Wichita Ks, as my wife and i view them way too often, as too wheter their man made or not i dont know. But this particular object was about 600 feet high above us and right along a Major highway, with heavy traffic, caught me off guard. But i realized this was non-military with its multiple colored lights. I would be surprised if you didnt get a boat-load of reports o this sighting tonight.

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