UFO releasing 5 glowing Orbs into a formation over Massachusetts – Jan 13, 2015

Witness stated: “Watching a UFO from my roof. The UFOs went into formation before disappearing. Me and my neighbors watched this from my roof in western Massachusetts on January 13, 2015.

Editor’s note: If the sighting is real and not a hoax it is a unique recording. Since the sighting is over a big population it must have been seen by more people, but searching for other reports in the main stream media and on YouTube I can’t find reports of it, so far.

The video is posted by a person named Don Johnson. His YouTube channel is created on December 17, 2014 and besides the below video it contains only several funny animal videos, maybe uploaded merely as a misleading cover, leading up to this UFO video.

So, what do we see here, a money making scam or a real UFO sighting?


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