UFO Sighting in Anacortes, Washington on January 15th 2015 – Girlfriend reported sigting of very long cigar shaped bright silver object that disapeared behind clouds on hwy 20 going W towards Anacortes Wa.

My girlfriend reported to me that. Her mother and her were driving West on HWY 20 going to Anacortes Washington for a dental appointment. It was some time approximately around 7:35 she believes when something very bright caught her eye, she stated it was brighter than anything around at the time. She told me, I didn’t know what it was but it was very long, really long. She said it was a bright silver almost chrome object. She also said it was hard to imagine how long it was because some of it was obscured by clouds. It was seemingly shaped like a cigar. because she was driving she thought she observed it slowly disappear behind the clouds. She said when she noticed the event still unsure of what she had actually had observed and actually was unable to say she had seen a UFO. She also told me even hours after her experience she was still very confused about what she had seen. This was her first ever sighting and it very difficult for to wrap he brain around this. Although her mother was present at the time she was not aware of the sighting, my girlfriend was to confused about it and didn’t alarm her mom.

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