UFO Sighting in Arosa, Braga on January 5th 2015 – First two ights unknown, third light is an airplane for comparison reason, last two lights are stationary.

I am using my nightvision regularly during the nights in Arosa, Switzerland to watch the sky. I just let the videorecorder run and check in the morning the footage. Usually I see a lot of airplanes but sometimes also round flying lights which might be satellites but they have various speed and on this video you can see two blinking stationary lights. This short video is the result of 15 hours video recording during the 5. and 7. January 2015 in Arosa, Switzerland. Unfortunately my nightvision can only cover a small part of the sky and it would be helpful to watch and record the nightsky in a more structured manner because these walking and blinkings lights can be observed during every night.
You will first see two flying lights, then an airplane for comparison reason and then two blinking stationary lights.

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