UFO Sighting in Saint Ann, Missouri on January 15th 2015 – Blue and white light hovered, blinked, skipped around, disappeared and reappeared, then shot off at a high speed to the left.

I was reading in my living room and saw a light in the sky through the window that resembled a star, where I’d never witnessed a star before. I noticed it was sometimes lit up white, sometimes blue. It began skipping back and forth around a small area of the sky. Then, it would hover for awhile. It would also completely disappear for a few seconds then reappear. Sometimes the hovering was still, sometimes it seemed to be wavering. After about ten minutes, the object shot off at a high speed to the left (towards the north). I should note that this is close to an airport, but I know with all of my being that this was no kind of typical aircraft. It was also disturbing because the whole time I felt an extreme fear. As irrational as it seems, when it took off so quickly, I felt sure that it flew away because “they” had realized that I was watching, and I felt terrified that they were going to do something to harm me.

I did try to get photos and video, but I was unable to pick up the object on my camera phone in the dark.

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