Video of UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs – Labeled a Hoax | VIDEO

UFO Releasing Glowing Orbs Video – Labeled a Hoax

By HOAXKiller1

* Note–original video has been removed by YouTube for alleged copyright violation

** Update: Since publication, the video by HOAXKiller1 (below) detailing how the original video was “created” has had a copyright claim against it and removed by YouTube. However, it can be viewed in toto at the link provided below (continue watching/reading).

   . . .This hoax has been confirmed. It turns out they animated some fake UFOs onto a photograph, and then displayed it onto a computer screen or TV, and used a video camera to record the screen. You can see the pixels of the screen when they zoom in.

This ‘recording a computer monitor: method is used by amateur hoaxers who don’t want to get caught by people like me (but still fail). Its a method used often. . . .

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