UFO Sighting in Southfield, Michigan on January 16th 2015 – I noticed a starlike light in the skin and thought nothing of it until it started moving.

I could not sleep very well due to how cold it was in my house and I woke up and had conversation on Facebook early around 6 am this morning. Afterwards I went into the kitchen and opened the glass patio door to smoke a cigarette at 7:15am. I looked up into the sky it was overcast a bit on the early morning skyline and noticed a star-like light Due West in the sky. I didn’t think much of it as I thought it was a star but it flickered at me a bit. I positioned myself to stabilize my head and vision to see if it moved and it indeed did! It slowly changed direction and hovering position several times and flickered several times. I took video with some rather amateur commentary. I then called my local Mufon contact number even though it was at 7am I felt this is the real deal. I am now filling out the report now on the Mufon website.

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