UFOs Seen Over Fort Smith? | VIDEO

UFOs Seen Over Fort Smith 1-11-15

By CBC News

     Strange lights lit up the sky in Fort Smith, N.W.T, this weekend, leading some residents to question whether or not they’d seen something out of this world.

Taxi driver Gabrielle Landrie first spotted the lights at 12:30 a.m. on Sunday morning.

“They were spread out like a huge fan,” she said. “Some were coming from the left, some from the right, and they were all lining up as they were flying over Fort Smith.”

Landrie, who was carrying passengers at the time, pulled over for a better look.

“The way the lights were flashing… red lights were flashing on the bottom, a little bit of white light on top. And the direction they were moving, how they were moving.”

Landrie, who says she believes in extraterrestrial life, says others reported seeing the lights over the weekend through Facebook and Twitter. One sighting came as far away as Enterprise, which is 300 kilometres away by road. . . .

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