Black Triangle Sighting in Pine City, Minnesota on June 10th 2013 – Reddish/orange lines underneath the entire object.

I was on my way to pick up my son. It caught my attention for three miles by appearing as one bright white light in the sky. It was impersonating a star by hovering. I knew it wasn’t a star. So I drove closer to the object to get a better view of it. I joked with my kids by asking them if they wanted to see a UFO. The light went dim, to nothing, then real bright, then back to one bright white light. As I turned to let my kids get a better view, the object started pulsating multiple lights of white, red, blue. It began following us. It knew, we were watching it. I was scared at first. My children were so frightened that they began yelling and swearing that it was a real UFO!!! That they don’t want to look at it no more. I turned to where it was populated with people in a neighborhood. It continued to follow us. When I turned, the object turned off all it’s lights. I was wondering where it went. I asked my kids, “Where is it? Where did it go?” My kids said, “Above us.” It revealed itself to us. As it was passing above us, I rolled down my window to look underneath it. I seen a black star ship with multiple LINES of reddish/orange lights underneath it. It made no noise. I wondered if anyone else could see this object. I hv a question. Do military planes/jets have this type of lighting underneath? I feel like this object revealed itself to us, to show us, it’s true form. When it was over our car, I didn’t feel scared anymore. I was in awe, and wanted to stop my car and watch it, and take a clear picture. My children on the other hand continued to be frightened. It continued going SW. I lost sight of it at a dead end dirt road, above the tree lines. As the object left, this is weird, but I felt blessed that it revealed itself to us. I looked through picture after picture, video after video. I have yet to see any video or picture of what we seen that night. Since that experience, I continue to see more UFOs. It’s as if I know now what to look for. I hv pictures and videos. I don’t know how to upload, download, forward, or transfer this data. But I hv it on my old cell phone. I also have captured a picture of a weird looking creature while trying to take a picture of another UFO. I would like an expert to look at my pictures and videos and hopefully explain to me, what I am seeing. I did speak to a few men from Mufon after I seen this object. They were from Duluth, Minnesota. I unfortunately lost their phone numbers.

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