Huge, Triangular UFO Spotted Near 202 Freeway – Tempe, Arizona | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

Huge, Triangular UFO Spotted Near 202 Freeway – Tempe, Arizona | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

Reader Submitted Report

     January 14, 2015, I was driving home from work between 9:40 and 10:00pm. I was on the 202 Freeway going east (this on the Tempe/Mesa, AZ border) and noticed some exceptionally bright lights.

It is normal to see many lights around the Valley as there are several airports in this vicinity including Phoenix Sky Harbor. The Freeway runs parallel to the final approach pattern of Sky Harbor so it is also common to see the bright headlights head on while driving. However, this night the lights were much brighter and larger so I kept my eye on them as I drove.

The lights also seemed to take there time, as oppose to an airliner on final. As the moments passed I noticed that the lights started to separate and now there were two. I wonder what airline had lights that bright on each wing as oppose to one bright central light. I continued to drive, watch and ponder as the object grew closer. I began to realize that it was much bigger than even a large 747, but as it was night and the lights were the main thing I was seeing, I had to wait until it was passing over my car (no sound) and could see the dark outline of the craft. It was a triangle with the lights beaming from the back two “points” and at the front “point” were windows in a stack formation. I am not sure of the exact number, but let”s say maybe three across and two stacked on either side of the “point”. ( It could have been four across and three stacked). Bars connected the points and the middle was hollow. I did NOT see “pilots” in the windows. It was VERY large. I did not have my phone with me, although even if I did I would not have gotten out of my car to video it!

When I got home I googled the title: UFO’s over Phoenix, January 15, 2015? A post did pop up on YouTube and it was a triangle. However it did not look like what I saw. It showed four lights in the triangle formation, one blinking. I spoke with a friend about it the next day and he actually saw it too. I saw no coverage on TV, nor did I report it any other place than here.

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