Prove One Alien Abduction ever Happened

First, UFOs are a fact – the evidence can not be denied – Photos, radar, mass sightings and very credible witnesses both civilian and military make the UFO phenomenon undeniable – And it often appears to be intelligently controlled.

So I’m watching this recent video on YouTube:
[BBC UFO Documentary 2014] Aliens, Ufo’s, Annunaki – The Ultimate question (NEW+ documentary)

It should be titled ‘The Paranoids Guide to Aliens’. 150 minutes long I won’t say it wasn’t interesting – And the most interesting question I kept asking myself as the moderator continued to state supposed facts about these evil aliens who are forceably abducting people, performing experiments on them and having an evil agenda is – PROVE IT! I often defend those who believe that we are being visited by an advanced race of beings who rarely interact directly with humans, and for very good reasons – But in the meantime there is this group of delusionists who want to wake us up to the reality of evil aliens manipulating us – To me this mythology is a poor mans excuse for human stupidity which is a mater of historical record – nice if you can blame the sordid history of man on aliens – Again PROVE IT!

Now so we can sleep well and not fear abduction, I want someone out there to give the proof I want, not the mythology of all those abductees who will site their personal experience {or nightmare dream} – No, I want you to prove, even if you say it happened to you, one {!} just one case where it can be proven that someone has been abducted by an alien{s}. Pictures? Eyewitnesses who saw them abduct you? Physical evidence? And if you can’t prove one case of alien abduction why should anyone believe there has ever been a case of ‘Alien Abduction’????

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