UFO Sighting in Galesburg, Illinois on January 16th 2014 – Various lights. rotating. planes appeared 20 minutes during sighting. plane lights much different. stayed stationery in sky. never seen so many planes in one place.

Manager and I went out for our smoke break and I looked in the sky like I often do. But close to the little dipper I noticed a much brighter light. At first i thought it was a lifeflight helicopter but it never got closer or farther away. I looked closer I saw red, white, blue, and, green lights out there. As I focused I noticed it seemed like the like we’re sequencionally flashing. I then noticed they were moving from left to right, like they were rotating. About 20 or so minutes of watching it trying to think of something rational, we noticed planes were flying close to it. One plane appeared to fly close and reduce altitude when it got close to the lights. The lights only moved slightly left and right, but never appeared to come closer or farther. I saw 10 or so aircraft around, what I assume to be planes because of the distinguishable flashing lights. I’ve never seen so many planes in the sky at once in my area. I cannot think of what I saw. It was not a normal plane or helicopter, simply by con paring the aircraft appearing to observe the rotating lights we saw.

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