UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on January 17th 2015 – Clusters of glowing orange balls in the sky.

The details:
Houston, TX January 17, 2015, between 8PM and 8:15 PM. Residential area, close to one of the major freeways. Huge line of glowing orange balls, light is pleasant, not very bright. Lower end of the line starting on the west and climbing towards the east. Line consisted of “clusters”, resembling birds’ flying triangles. One small “cluster” was placed a bit father south-east. All together they were close to 100 lights. Were there without any movement for about 5 min, then disappeared completely. There was also a light of a plane passing by, which in comparison to these lights was way smaller. Unfortunately I was driving and was not able to take photos, by the time I turned around they were almost all gone.
I still “see” it in my mind, very beautiful.

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