UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 17th 2015 – Glowing object came down out of the sky, and it appeared to slow down before it would have made impact with earth.

January 17,2015 at 4:45AM PST.I stepped out in front of house to have a smoke.Just then I saw what I thought was going to be just another shooting star.But it didn’t fade out like a regular meteorite.Coming down out of the north sky almost straight up,it veered a bit to the east.It got larger as it approached the earth.It was a bright silver/blue/white shining object that was more horizontal than vertical in shape.Although it was traveling at a terrific high rate of speed,it did appear to slow down slightly before I lost sight of it behind the houses and trees to the northeast.It seemed to have come down within a one to five mile distance from me.Coincidentally that would be on or near the Nellis AFB which begins a half mile east of me.
Could this object have landed there? I’m thinking it’s possible.

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