UFO Sighting in New York, New York on January 16th 2015 – I observed 3 hovering lights that were pulsating and were equal distance apart.

I live in Rego Park in Queens NY. It was Friday morning around 6:30am and I went outside to move my car since I was parked by a meter and did not want to get a ticket because the city does street cleaning every morning. I had to move before 7am.

The moment I left my building I noticed 2 hovering lights off in the distance the lights were pulsating. I saw white, red and yellow lights. I had to move the car so I went to do it.

After I parked back by my building I still noticed the lights so I videotaped them with my cell phone. I tried to get different views by walking down the block. When I walked back towards my building I noticed there were 3 lights not 2. There may have been more but my vision was blocked by trees and buildings.

I was definitely creeped out because I saw a man in the driveway across the street. He saw me videotaping and he ducked behind some cars. This drive way is actually the back of a block of private houses. The lights had me baffled because I have never seen lights flashing in the sky, standing stationary. Both LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports are in Queens so I wondered if they were planes in a holding patteren but planes do not stop and hover. I dont think they were helicopters either because I didnt hear anything and it was at least 20 minutes from when I first saw them to when I videotaped them. If they were copters I would think they would have moved.

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