UFOs spotted over White House Video

It appears that two unidentified objects have been spotted over the White House during a Fox News broadcast in early January. Originally reported to MUFON, I came across this interesting sighting during my most recent research report on the phenomenon. I just had to share it with the community!

The first object appears to be white meteor-like streak across the sky. The second appears to come out of nowhere flying towards the first. Then suddenly both change their course simultaneously in the same direction before vanishing. I didn’t spot the second object until I took a closer look at the footage.

Do these objects fly towards the White House in reconnosance and immediately turn away because they might have been seen or targeted?

Since the video does come from a reputable source I doubt a hoax is afoot.

The original report:

2015-01-08/ 9:45PM
“I came home from work and turned on Fox News. It was only on for a few minutes, then it showed an image of Capitol Hill. I saw the lights right away and noticed the maneuvers were not normal for our aircraft. I recorded it on my DVR, then video taped the tv.”

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