Black Triangle Sighting in east fishkill, New York on April 15th 1987 – @ work 3rd shift IBM east fishkill 2:00am walking to my car in desolate parking lot

i was @ (work) working the 11:00 pm to 7:00 am shift. @ about 2:00am i left the ###c bldg. and Proceeded to the parking lot so i could get my car and return to home base in the ### bldg.
i was half way to my car when i saw a triangle shaped object stationary and or hovering which seemed to be only about 100 feet or so above the top of the parking lot lighting or lamp posts. i could see 3 lights @ each corner of the triangle object and they were recessed up into the object itself.
note:about a year or so ago, i watched a program / documentary on the Belgium lights and and again the same programming last night 01-16-2015
the object / craft / ship described is identical to that craft except for the red light in the center, i do not recall seeing a red light. i was going to submit my sighting after the first viewing of the program in question but thought to myself what difference would it make. my sighting Pre-dates the sightings in Belgium. my work back in 1987 was operating 24/7 and was to my knowledge the largest semi-conductor manufacturing facilities on the east coast and was the largest customer of NYSEG ( the regional power company) and only a few miles north of Indian point nuclear power generation facilities. i had a great career @ ### that started @ the ## ###### research facilities in ######## (######## ##### ##) in 1977 and ended in #### ####### in 1987. i resigned from ### a month or two after my encounter. i was 28 years old in 1987. and now am 56, my life prior to seeing this ( whatever it was ) was on a path to success, but for the past 28 years it has been one Un-wise decision after another causing nothing but struggle trials & tribulations for my life.
note: i don’t know if what i am about to type is relevant, a month or so after my sighting on a night that i was not working i woke up from a sound sleep and was completely / utterly terrified unable to speak or move and had a sense that i was not alone. in 28 years i have had three of the encounters and or experiences these are not dreams i am completely awake and aware.
now after all that i will get back to the object itself. when i first became aware of the object i was excited ( WOW THATS SOMTHING I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE) then i began to analyze and rationalize what i was looking at and had no reasonable explanation for what i was witnessing. and that’s when i realized i was the main focus and that this object had become aware of me, or so it seemed. i became terrified and ran back into the ### bldg. and called the main security office to report what i had just saw, they laughed and made lite of it which kinda calmed me down enough to go back out to the parking lot and when i did the object was gone. again with being relevant, i have had a interest in aviation since i was a child and know the difference between what is possible when it come to flight characteristics of different types of aircraft. i also am a GA licensed pilot ( not current at the moment).now unless the military or cia had been testing some secret program what i observed was question to you is their any information or data on the effects that observing this object has caused any kind of problems for the people who witnessed the triangle shaped object.

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