UFO Sighting in Alaska on January 17th 2015 – it was acting like a satellite but it moved in a pattern form looked like who ever was onboard got into a fight left the pattern while it was correcting itself to over shot and went exactly where it was to begin with

my dad and I were on the Glenn highway broke down about mile 87. Well we live in Alaska so we tend to look at the stars ant night. At first I thought it was a satellite but it was too low to be on it was too high to be an airplane or helicopter. It moved from a hover to about at least 2000 miles per hour in about 2 seconds had rocket effects no sound faster than any thing manmade can go. It made a severe 90degree turn then while it was correcting its self it over shot then it went back to where it started then it came closer to us but it stayed the same altitude then it slowly retreated backwards the lights were dimmer while it backed up when it came closer the lights were around the whole thing were so bright that there was a orb around it about a thousand feet then it repeated it self. I was trying to talk my self out from what I was seeing I closed my eyes it still moving when I opened them I then looked out the drivers side window then I looked out the windshield again it was still moving then to prove to us. That it was still moving I told my dad that it was coming toward us which was the opposite way then it was he said that it was going away from us. The sons story

The dad’s story

Was with son on the Glenn highway truck was inoperable. We were bored so we were looking at the stars we were bored saw a white ball of light. Bouncing back and fourth had a Rubberband-spring effects. Watched for several hours it bounced around in different directions as it got closer it got brighter.and appeared bigger.it had no sound not blinking so I dismissed an airplane. It was absolutely quiet around us weather clear about 26to28 degrees outside at first I thought it was a shooting star.it wasn’t a shooting star because it had intelligence because the moving around to had performed. It

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