UFO Sighting in New Britain, Pennsylvania on January 19th 2015 – I have seen this several nights in a few diffrent perts of sky

I have to go out back to smoke,and since i recently moved up form Atlanta i get to see stars. I can look up and be aligned with Orion’s belt vertically. Little dipper to my back left. first time i saw what appeared to be a star then I saw rotating lights, red and white. I brushed it off as a plane. But it did not move.that was a few nights ago. I thought about when saw the same thing a few weeks before while smoking around 1am. That one was to the left I believe south of Lancaster county. Then just now while outside smoking. I look up to my left again and see a star like object to my left and to the left of the big dippers bottom of the pan..if i face it dipper handle is vertical with me. The lights were flashing red,white and possibly another color and not moving, no sound just rotating lights. I tried to get a picture with my camera but the video would not register the object. I will attempt to do better at that aspect should i see it again. I have heard there was a radar blimp being put up to scan the east coast for missiles but cannot not confirm. I just know I have seen a stationary object with rotating lights on a few occasions. generally in the same spot. all these events have been after 1245 or 1 am..its my before bed cigarette

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