UFO Sighting in Texas City, Texas on January 18th 2015 – Seen three different lights in different parts of sky. One multicolored and two golden.

Coming home from work noticed light flickering to the south of me. When I turned to get on another road I seen another light but golden in color that seemed like it was not too far up from the tree tops. then I noticed the first light flickering what seemed to be different colors. Tried to take pictures but forgot my memory card in my computer. rushed home grabbed it and went back down the road to the church were I can get great views and started filming and snapping pictures. Viewed the first flickering light for a good while because it seemed to be spinning because of the different colors i could see. I kept wondering what are we seeing here in our city now for three days right in plain site and it seems i am the only one noticing them. Actually when I got to work my coworkers (2 of them) said they seen the same lights flickering the other day too. One of them said that it can’t be a plane cause its just hovering there and wondered if it was what I have been telling them about that i have been seeing since December. Anyway I turned around towards the southwest direction and noticed a golden light again still in the same area but it looked like it was descending down towards the roof tops of the houses. The light seemed big and was a golden color to me. This I took a short video of as well and snapped a couple pictures and turned back around to see the first flickering light and then i noticed another golden light and a small plane in the same area. the golden light seemed to stay hovering while the plane moved in a northern direction from a southern direction. I would say that they were both around tree top level , maybe just a little higher up. Maybe it seemed a mile or so away in height. I believe the video shows the tree lines. I also video taped the two of them. You can tell the plane lights were totally different than the golden light objects light. Tonight the sky was active in Texas city Texas and if people aren’t looking up they sure are missing out on a whole lot of good stuff!

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