UFO Sighting in Brisbane, Queensland on July 10th 2001 – 5 km. in diameter . Approached at 20 knots. at night .blocked sky when overhead. three red lights in triangle ,at four extremities. one white spotlight in centre

In July 2001 , I was fortunate enough to witness a very large U.F.O ,
at close range , for over an hour …
I was out fishing one night , alone in my small sailboat . There was no moon ,
90% cloud cover , and an approaching thunderstorm , 50 km. away.
Drifting because of no wind , and reclining in the cockpit , at 2 a.m ,
I noticed in the sky, 10km. to my south , three solid , bright red lights in a
triangular formation . They were separated by 200 metres ., and approaching
my position at 15 knots , altitude 300 metres . As they came closer , I noticed
another three red lights following , 4 km. behind . This immediately got my
attention , and looking around I saw two more sets of red lights ,
equi-distant and at 90 degrees to the others . I was between several small
islands , and can accurately report it’s overall dimensions as being 5km.
across .
As it slowly passed directly overhead , it’s underside was illuminated from
the lights of a nearby city , 40km. away . It was a massive disc , with turrets ,
antennae , and one very large , brilliant white spotlight in the middle.
It was making a quiet and low buzzing noise , and took 30 mins. to pass
overhead . As it moved to the North , I could plainly see it was an
upside down saucer shape .
I don’t drink or do drugs , this is as real as it gets .
There was nothing in the media about it the next day , and it passed an
International airport on it’s way north …
… and no it wasn’t an R/C balloon swamp gas Venus lantern disinfo thingy.
At 3:30 a.m , the daily commercial jets screamed overhead towards
the airport , at 5000 feet , tiny and loud .
I am a very experienced seaman/bushman , and this is not my only
encounter .,( although the largest so far )

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