UFO Sighting in Cullowhee, North Carolina on January 16th 2015 – flashingcolored light near mountain tops in north carolina

My wife and I live in Forest Hills, NC (near Cullowhee, NC, and west of Western Carolina University.) At about 7:30 pm, Jan. 16, 2015 a friend who lives about 8 miles west of us called to tell us about a flashing light in the sky which she thought might be near us. We stepped outside and observed the light, which was brighter than a typical star, a little above the mountain tops southeast of us. We watched it through binoculars and agreed that its light was continuous and changing, including red, yellow, blue and white ��� possibly green ��� though we were not sure because some of the colors seemed to appear simultaneously with others. After about 5 minutes we reentered our house; 30 minutes later I went back outside and the light was gone. I took a reading from my iphone compass to the trees between which the light had appeared, and the reading was about 125 degrees.

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