Black Triangle Sighting in Palm Springs, California on January 5th 2015 – larrge glowing v shaped aircraft over mountain

the photo im sending you folks at mufon is 100 percent real these aircraft have been seen countless times and some real strange black robotic black triangle with orange yellow eyes these new black triangles hover over palm springs everyday i know this because one hovered 50 feet over my house in 2013 and i have learned their secrets and where they really hide and have proof of that fact these aircraft do not exist in the us arsenal known by americans, they are 100 percent silent and very real and very much alive they have side burners and rear after burner they can hover for hours then just zoom off did i mention they hover 100% silent i have dared the world to prove me wrong on youtube countless times i got zero challenges now i present this same challenge to the senior members of MUFON Please prove this photo or the aircraft fake ive been showing and telling the world about these aircraft very few have listened now i have proof they are real on two different videos years apart.
i have two videos and a clear hd photo

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