Electronics useless to disable craft

The pattern would seem so obvious. The fighters scramble, they lock on, the aliens pick up the lock on signal, the rockets are armed, the arming is picked up by the aliens. The alien commander gives the signal to move out of the way.

The answer is not technology, but the use of something the aliens consider no threat. Primitive(to them) methods. If a swat member would enter the woods of Borneo, he may be overconfident with his flak jacket, and night viewer and 100 rounds of AP and an automatic weapon. “What could a bushman do” he may think. But then the bushman hides behind a stump and darts the guy in the neck with poison darts. Case closed.

The mission my friends is to get one of these machines here on earth, and NOT in the hands of the military, but a team qualified to de-engineer one of their craft. This is absolutely essential with the advent of new cases coming more often these days. We are running out of time, and we need to move fast while they consider us not a threat. This is an attitude of weakness we can exploit.

So now the fighter scrambles gets in as close as he was last time, (the aliens like to have fun and are confident they are harmless), he sights the target visually, he presses the trigger. The trigger mechanism is all mechanical, it triggers the 3 gattling canons with the high charges loaded and tipped with spinter rear taper AP rounds, a few with loaded heads for penetration. Preferably carbon/tungsten alloy. Thousands of rounds fill the air like some super shotgun, but with each ‘shot’ it takes out a port hole, or causes a crevice to jam.

The craft speeds off at 3K mph?, not a chance, not with a cracked port hole. The craft is traced to it’s landing and firepower is further met on the ground saturating the craft with blanket power. The aliens cannot concentrate of flight, they are tied to focus on our overwhelming firepower.

The strategy for these high tech overconfident beings is to keep them busy until they are overwhelmed. The Nazis learned this lesson in Russia. Their high tech tanks when they broke down were useless and caused much man power and time to repair. The Russion T34 were primitive with mechanisms hand worked. The Nazis were impressed.

Same goes for the landings and personal cases. We can have people designated as the ‘take me with you’ front vanguard, signs and all. These detract the aliens while high powered rifles behind rocks and stumps scope sight a vulnerable area, such as between a moving part and stationary part, or like I say port holes, or moving fins of vents. Fins and vents usually means access to the outside is needed for an inside purpose. Filling the aperture with carbon steel will jam any universal machine. Super hard tipped rounds are needed. Reloading of bolt actions need to be immediate and the target area hit again in the same proximity. It is to be kept up as much as possible.
We need people designated around the world to wait. Whenever a city or community calls people to see the strange sight, these people come at the ready. No more curious on looker popcorn spectacles. If the lighting is too bright, the scope could be brought in just so it’s visually tolerable and a barrage of rounds fired.

So we need to try to do something. We may be scientific curiosities to them now, but their probing and dissecting our animals and people to see how we are made, and sucking up water with tubes isn’t just visiting. one day with their resources depleted, they will use this knowledge against us to take over. Survival of the fittest, and……. smartest. We can go surved up on a platter, with our babies as delecacies, or we can act now.

Besides, if they are universal travellers, they know of protocol and how theyb are to behave, so don’t worry about upsetting them. They are already in the wrong and they know it.

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