Sighting In Richlands VA Lastnight

I’m not sure if this is where you post recent sightings, but I hope so. Anyway, last night around 8pm I let my dog out to use the bathroom and I noticed a bright orb light just sitting there above the hill across from my house. Way too low to be a plane. I recently bought an IR monocular, so I grabbed it to get a better look. When I looked through it…it showed a heated signature more like a triangle shape. It looked round through just my eyes. I also could see two other lights, these were flashing though. One was flying from the first object to the left. The other from first object to the right. I also seen a laser-beam like light shoot out of the first object down toward the ground toward the left. The weirdest thing is that I couldn’t see ANY of this with my eyes!! Except for the first, center object! If you guys don’t have IR equipment… you should get some!! Definitely worth it!

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