UFO Filmed Hovering Over New York | VIDEO

UFO Filmed Hovering Over New York (Crpd with Emphasis) 1-14-15

By Michael Brown

    Footage has emerged of a strange object which allegedly hovered in the sky for around three minutes.

The controversial clip, which was uploaded on to YouTube by user Von Edgar-Land, was recorded last Wednesday over New York and shows a peculiar metallic object with jagged edges that doesn’t seem to resemble any known aircraft.

According to the video uploader, the object sat stationary in the sky for several minutes while emitting a loud noise that he claimed had disturbed a flock of nearby birds, causing them to fly away.

Controversially however the video itself lasts only 15 seconds because the man’s iPhone had allegedly shut down on its own due to an overheating issue that he was unable to explain. . . .

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