UFO Sighting in Connecticut on January 16th 2015 – it was a reddish pink light that hovered over the city as if it were watching

I was walking across the street and as I was looking both ways I happened to look up. And what do i see hovering in the sky a red light. So I immediately take my phone out while crossing the street and start recording. As I walk in stop and shop parking lot I ask a woman nearby if in fact I was looking at something or was it a figure of my imagination. So I asked asked her if that had looked like a plane because I didn’t have my glasses she reply “oh no that’s not a plane” I then asked her after two mins of it hovering was it moving she reply”yes it is moving”. I kept recording and it began to move across the sky in what would look like a slow motion of hovering and flying. I then asked a gentleman who was leaving the grocery store if that had looked normal or like a plane his response was “looks like something the government created” I said yes because planes do not fly like that. It was lighting up randomly. Ask we watch it flew across the sky and because to fly a straight pattern at an exceeding speed as if it had been a jet but didn’t resemble one. Once it flew over stop and shop I lost sight of it then back up in the parking lot and found that it had disappeared. I have seen things before but never in day time or ever with anyone. It has seem as if it had been watching us or waiting for us to notice it.

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