UFO Sighting in New Port Richey, Florida on January 18th 2015 – 5 bright round orbs of amber fire with no sound very fast headed south past my house.

My girlfriend and I were in my bedroom watching TV. My mother was in the living room. I turned and looked out my window(that was open)and saw two round glowing orbs of amber fire in formation coast by my house. My girlfriend saw the other two in the distance. We took pictures and some video. All three of us saw them. The 5th really freaked me out a little cause it seemed to hang out above me for a minute. Then like the first four. It took of to the south with the others. The weird thing is, the picture we have . You can see both our faces in it. Even though the window was open and there was no possibility for reflection !! Called the police and had an officer here to document the sighting. Police report filed

Our pictures and video were taken on and old phone so I cannot post them unfortunately. They can only be witnessed in person.

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