UFO Sighting in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan on July 31st 1968 – Awoke to see my street from above Middle of night yet can see perfectly Everything had a red tint Turned to see 4 ETs That talked to me yet mouth never moved

Awoke to see the roof of a friends house 20 houses from mine Can see all the way down the street even tho its dark and the street lights are on Looking out of a large window and everything has a red tint Turned to my left and there was 4 ETs (grays) One seemed mad that I was looking at him It gave his comrades an angry look and one began speaking to me (female voice)Told me that everything is fine Don’t worry Just relax and look out the window And I looked out and everything went black and that was it Years later objects were removed from my body During the ordeal I am sure that although I didn’t see other abductees I felt that I was not the only one there and was waiting for them to drop sumone else off

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