Oak Island has a mysterious legend which talks about a secret treasure hidden on the island. I’ve seen many theories but none have talked about the Acadian connection to the mystery. The Acadians lived in Nova Scotia and traveled on Oak Island long ago. They were friends with the Mi’kmaq and some intermarried.  In the Great Expulsion, the Acadians were forced to leave their home because they refused to give up their religion. They settled along the Mississippi, Montreal, Quebec, and Louisiana.  In Louisiana, Acadians are known as Cajuns.  Many Acadian and Creole families say they can trace their lineages back to descendants of Templars, Hospitaliars, and Crusaders.  One such family is the Saunhac/Sonnac/Soniat family.  The Soniat family house still stands in New Orleans and they have traced their line to Templar Grandmaster Guilliame Saunhac.  The Grandmaster Saunhac died in battle in the Crusades and before battle was said to have lost an eye as documented in Joinville Memoirs.

A stained glass window in New Orleans Saint Louis Cathedral shows a knight kneeling with a bandage over his eye. Other Acadian families have contacted me telling of their connection to the Templars and Crusaders. Oak Island has a legend that Templars buried treasure on the Island. The Acadians could have known about the treasure and guarded it. The Acadians held the Oak tree sacred and in Louisiana and the South cutting a live oak tree against the law. The Oak was a sacred among the Druids and Celts.  The Celtic empire extended down into France.  The golden triangle with the Tetragrammaton inscribed on it was revered by the Acadians and can be seen at Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal. It is in multiple places such as the stained glass window and over the pulpit of the priest. Oak Island swamp is in a form of a triangle is significant.

Acadians have a long history with pirate empires. One such pirate empire was the Lafitte brothers of New Orleans. They raided British and Spanish fleets along the gulf coast. Pirate Alley runs next to the New Orleans Saint Louis Cathedral.  Oak Island seems to have similar connections with pirate treasure and Templar legends.  I think the Acadian connection to Oak Island’s mystery needs to be looked at. More to come…  The golden triangle at Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal below hit the links



New Orleans Cathedral stained glass window of a knight with a bandage over his eye like the story of Templar Grandmaster Saunhac in Joinville Memoirs. Hit the link


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The Acadian people lived in Nova Scotia and Oak island until forced to leave in the Great Expulsion.

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