UFO Sighting in Auburn, Alabama on January 22nd 2015 – Walked outside and saw pinkish light (maybe 2 lights) move across sky in subtle "S" Shape

I was walking outside to get my charger out of my car around 1am. Once I was in the parking lot, i decided to look up at the completely clear sky. As soon as I looked up, I saw a pinkish/redish light or close cluster of lights move across the sky in a smooth, fluid motion. It did not fly straight, but maintained a steady course in the same general direction (left to right). It seemed to move in a very long almost “S” shaped pattern, more like the function X^3. It was moving too fast to be an airplane and the lights did not blink. I only witnessed it for about 4-6 seconds before it was too far away to see. The lights were very high above me. More than a mile. It wasn’t too frightening, but it was slightly unresting. I recently have been watching documentaries about UFOs and seeing this made me uncomfortable.

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