UFO Sighting in Bath, on September 27th 2014 – Took a picture of Royal Crescent in Bath and didn't notice anyhing, then after downloading it from my camera I saw the strange lights.

I was visiting my brother in London and one of the days we decided to go outside London and tour the Cotswalds region. Our last day was in Bath and we planned to visit the landmards, the first one was the Royal Crescent and we even went inside in No1 Royal Crescent (a museum like preserved house, part of the entire crescent).
We walked among the rooms on the first floor and then we went to the ones on the second floor.
Using of camera and taking photos was forbidden everywhere inside the rooms.
In the Gentelman’s Room on the second floor was an open window, then I asked the attendant whether I can take a photo from this window to the royal crescent from outside and she agreed.
Then I photographed the building exterior from this open window.
This is the picture where I think there is an UFO on it and it can be clearly seen over the building.
I am submitting it along with this report.
At the time when I was taking the shot I did not see these lights.
I shoot in RAW format and after 3 months I processed the RAW image and saw these strange lights.
At first I thought it was a reflection of what looks like a chandelier but when I go back in my mind I realize that this might hardly happen at the spot where I was shooting.
Remember I was shooting from a second floor room, from an open window to the outside. These lights in my humble opinion could not be reflected from inside the room.
I am sorry that I can’t remember whether there was a chandolier in the room and whether it was the same shape, I could take picture inside the room. I tried to find it out online but could find any pictures of the room’s lighting, only a couple of picture on the other side of the room.

I don’t see any chandolier on them and can’t remember where and what were the lights.

I am sending you the original RAW file without any manipulation.

I never noticed the lights live, I noticed them when I was looking closely on this photo several months later.

All the above information I gave in the report is based on the lights of the photo (positioning, distance, shape).

I would really like you to examine this photo and tell me whether I saw something or there is another explanation. The lights are on the upper right side on the picture.

I don’t claim this is a real UFO but I don’t have another explanation (except reflections from inside the room but I really find this hard to happen).

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