UFO Sighting in Nevada on November 18th 2008 – A dot. A lighted dot. A lighted dot that moved like a water bug in the sky.

I usually take earliy morning walks for exercise (3am to 5am). This particular morning I left my house at around 3am. I returned home at around 4am. I’d usually walk to the back of my house (patio) to rest before going inside. I was resting against my rod ironed fence looking up into the night sky which was a picture purfect clear sky. While looking almost streight up I noticed a small light moviing rapidly in different directions. Moving just like a water bug across the surface of the water. Moving in a quick rapid motion but confined to a small area. I’d never seen anything like it before. I was clued to this thing! At first when I saw it I thought I was seeing things and looked away then back again to make sure I wasn’t.

I was raised around aircraft. My father was AF and so was I. Whatever this thing was it wasn’t man made.

This happened in 2008. Why am I now just telling this to anyone? I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I had to tell someone.

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