UFO Sighting in New Haven, Connecticut on January 21st 2015 – Driving home I witnessed two lights like flares flying over mem bending towards the southwest and eventually appearing to dissipate with a rumble following.

I was driving home in the late evening and made a turn on a road towards the west. I noticed up above me a glowing, moving object moving quickly towards the south. As I drove to the next block while still looking up, I noticed another glowing object following in the same path. Both objects appeared yellowish orange in color, had blinking lights on what appeared to be the sides, and, in general sparkled like flares. They were separated by at least 500 to 1000 feet or more, depending on their altitude. They appeared to be under the heavy cloud cover. After a minute or so, the first one changed direction at an arc towards the southwest and eventually either dissipated or became invisible. About 40 seconds later the second object also changed direction towards the southwest and eventually appeared to dissipate. I assumed that both were flares but, it did not seem like a bad idea to compare notes with others who may have experienced this event.

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