There is a secret Space War going on? Four strange Fireballs falling from the sky over Texas City, TX – Jan 20, 2015

Witness report: On January 20, 2015 I was headed north to work and noticed something to west/southwest direction and pulled into the church to take a look. I had noticed to objects that looked like fireballs heading in a southern direction.

One was training ways behind the other and both had taken on a horizontal path almost.

As I was watching them I noticed a third object just appear out of nowhere high in the sky like it was just dropped. It was going fast and also left a trial behind it.

Object 1.

I snapped pictures of the three for a while and noticed a 4th one appear in the sky but this one was heading north instead of south. As I was snapping a picture I watched it did some kind of a half flip turn upwards and over flip and then was now facing in the southern direction like the other 3.

Object 2 and 3.

The first 2 had gotten too far for me to watch so I focused on the last 2. As the third one kept moving I could see it take on a more straight horizontal path and the tail behind it was getting shorter and then it was like morphing into a sphere that had a glow around it and just pretty much stopped and hovered in place.

While that was going on the 4th one kept dropping in altitude and could see it start to take a slight curve into a straighter line on its path.

Object 4.

The 3rd one was still just hovering in that same area and it seemed like as the 4th one got closer it was starting to light up more like its flames or tail was starting to get longer again and then when the 4th one got to a close enough point the 3rd one starting moving slowly and in a southern direction still then after a few minutes of me watching it just vanished out of sight and I was moving the camera around to locate it but couldn’t see it anywhere so I stopped and headed to work.

The 4th one had moved behind the tree lines and I just seen an orange glow that kept moving when I stopped taking photo’s..

My brother said it’s a meteor but a meteor wouldn’t go from a falling diagonal path to a horizontal path and it would just stop traveling hover in place and just be a white sphere and then light up brighter and then take off or as with the 4th one a meteor would not change its direction and go the opposite direction of the way it came in falling into the atmosphere.

Editor’s Note:
Given the above eyewitness report and eyewitness reports of other strange objects falling from the sky in recent months, we may wonder whether these objects are just meteorites, space junk or these objects are coming from an unknown source in space.

There is something going on in space? is it possible that these objects are linked to a space war between two earthly super powers or a space war between an earthly super power and an extraterrestrial race?

Above Image:

Object 1. After ‘Rain of Lights’ over Puerto Rico and Brazil, giant object falls from the sky in Brazil

Object 2. Strange Meteor-like object explodes over Russia’s Amur Region

Object 3. UFO accompanies Fireball across the Utah Sky

Object 4. Bright green shooting star / meteor, San Antonio

Object 5. Bright Unknown Object burned up over the Hualapai Mountains in Kingman Arizona

Object 6. Fireball-Meteor explodes in the sky over Oklahoma

Object 7. UFO falling in Porto Alegre, Brazil (See below video)

Object 8. Unknown red sphere like object photographed over Charlottetown in Canada

Red Sphere over Charlottetown in Canada

Link Images Object over Texas City, TX:

The sighting over Texas City, TX is reported to MUFON – Case Nr. 62786

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