This week we begin with an article by Carolyn Shield who investigates the connection between Oak Island and the Acadians. Then, Sean Casteel writes about American’s Spiritual Destiny, including UFOs and the prophecies of the US presidents. Next, Steve Erdmann shines light on Lee Harvey Oswald, the puppet man. Regan Lee is back and explains why Oregon is in her top ten list for UFO Strangeness. Next, Paul Dale Roberts, explains the connection between his wife and the Zodiac Killer. Then, Rainbow Radaelli writes about religion and the abductee experience. Our UK correspondent, Pat Regan reports on another UFO over Formby, Liverpool! Latin America Correspondent, Scott Corrales writes that Luis Burgos states that new UFO activity confirms the decimal hypothesis and also another UFO over Villa Ocampo, Santa Fe, Argentina. Finally Deanna Jaxine Stinson writes about legends from the water. Enjoy Dirk

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OAK ISLAND MYSTERY AND THE ACADIAN CONNECTION  by Carolyn Shield. Oak Island has a mysterious legend which talks about a secret treasure hidden on the island. I’ve seen many theories but none have talked about the Acadian connection to the mystery. The Acadians lived in Nova Scotia and traveled on Oak Island long ago. They were friends with the Mi’kmaq and some intermarried. In the Great Expulsion, the Acadians were forced to leave their home because they refused to give up their religion. They settled along the Mississippi, Montreal, Quebec, and Louisiana. In Louisiana, Acadians are known as Cajuns. Many Acadian and Creole families say they can trace their lineages back to descendants of Templars, Hospitaliars, and Crusaders. More…

AMERICA’S SPIRITUAL DESTINY – FROM UFOs TO THE PROPHECIES OF THE PRESIDENTS by Sean Casteel. I have written here previously about a new book from Tim Beckley’s Inner Light/Global Communications publishing house called “America’s Strange and Supernatural History,” which recounts numerous little known paranormal and simply weird moments in the life of this nation. Everything from the “survival cannibalism” that took place one savage winter in the American colony of Jamestown to the mid-20th century crime spree of a disgruntled chemistry student, dubbed the “Mad Gasser,” who used an aerosol anesthetic as a weapon to the 18th century shapeshifting, werewolf-type transformations of those foolish enough to have broken Lent seven years in a row in the French enclave of Vincennes, Indiana, are part of the heritage of the United States.  More.. Also read: AMERICA’S SPIRITUAL DESTINY – FROM UFOs TO THE PROPHECIES OF THE PRESIDENTS – PART II

PUPPET MAN: LEE HARVEY OSWALD by Steve Erdmann. As a result of his demands by constant FOIA (Freedom of Information requests) and other citizen actions, Peter Dale Scott (long-time author into political controversy) has discovered multiple government documents, some highly redacted and blacked-out, that appear to be raw material and, hopefully, clues to the possibility that the accused assassin in the murder of John F. Kennedy – Lee Harvey Oswald – was “manipulated” – and in many instances – “invented.”  More.. Also read: PUPPET MAN: LEE HARVEY OSWALD – PART II

OREGON IN MY TOP TEN FOR UFO STRANGENESS by Regan Lee. UFO Chronicles links us to Top 10 States with The Most UFO Sightings. Oregon did not make the list, which is curious, seeing as how I’ve seen many a UFO here, including an eerily large and silent — and fast moving! — triangle. Not to mention the famous orange orb, complete with missing time. And all manner of craft, morphing machines, and twinkling things in the skies.  More...

A PSYCHIC CONNECTION WITH THE ZODIAC KILLER by Paul Dale Roberts. Growing up in the bay area, I would hear the radio news blasting that the Zodiac has struck again! I became fascinated with this serial killer who left mysterious symbols and clues for the police. It’s now 2015 and the fascination continues and I learn from my wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson, that she also has a connection. A connection she could never understand, until now. More…

RELIGION AND THE ABDUCTEE EXPERIENCE by Rainbow Radaelli. My private journey into the phenomenon of the paranormal and abductee experience was and is an isolated, complex, up hill trek that tends to leave me feeling vulnerable and exposed not only to the elements but to opinions. To be more to the point, I am speaking about opinions like yours, your friends and the public at large, yet here I am sharing my story with you. Am I a glutton for punishment, not really? This is just apart of my desire to see if anyone else, has had similar experiences, perhaps furthering my own exploration into the religious, abductee experience.  More…

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ANOTHER LIVERPOOL UFO OVER FORMBY  by Pat Regan. An unidentified observer spotted the UFO outside their bedroom window in an encounter that lasted about ten minutes. The UFO resembled a star but was somewhat larger and was bright white in colour. The witness initially thought it was an aircraft, but realised later that it couldn’t have been because the object was motionless. The UFO witness stated that there was no light outside because of council cuts – meaning no streetlamps. Oddly enough I had warned about council street lighting cuts last November on my blog More…

NEW UFO ACTIVITY IN ARGENTINA CONFIRMS DECIMAL HYPOTHESIS? by Scott Corrales. Argentinean UFO researcher Luis Burgos – whose work has familiar to readers of Inexplicata for many years now – is currently pursuing confirmation for his “decimal hypothesis” of UFO flaps in Argentina and is being rewarded with a considerable number of sightings. More..Also read: A UFO IN VILLA OCAMPO, SANTA FE, ARGENTINA?.

LEGENDS FROM THE WATER  by Deanna Jaxine Stinson. The Earth is made most of oceans and one could speculate and say that the world is the life of the ocean because more of the Earth is composed of water than land. Even our bodies are mostly composed of water. Just the right mixture of magic and beauty inspires us to keep the Legends from the Water. The Hidden Messages of Water by Masaru Emoto This book is a New York Times Bestseller and took the author ten years to complete. It is quite interesting. By exposing water from various places and combining with music the author has formed several different and unique ice crystals. Could this be why no snowflake is ever the same? Is the spirit of water what is really forming the physical shape? More…

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