UFO Sighting in Kingston, Washington on January 19th 2015 – Orange lights hovering, 3 formed a triangle viewed clearly thru a opening in the tree cover. A couple other orange lights seen thru trees but were obscured.

My wife and I arrived at the school parking lot for a
b-ball game. We were walking in when she said what is that. looking south we both saw 3 orange lights forming a triangle hovering then appearing to slowly move towards the east. They maintained there distance from each other as they moved. A couple other orange lights were then seen thru the trees moving the same direction but they were obscured at times due to trees. None of these lights looked like anything we had ever seen before and we both kept saying “What is that”. After viewing the lights for about a minute I wanted to get a clear view with out the trees so we jumped in the car and drove .75 miles to the east where there were open fields. When we arrived there a couple minutes later there was no sign of the lights. The sky was mostly clear with stars visible but there were some areas of clouds. We drove back to the school and the lights were gone. A very strange event and we have been asking ourselves several times a day, what was that?

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