UFO Sighting in New York, New York on January 22nd 2015 – I saw a large box like object moving vary slowly in the sky in a southern direction, I lost sight of it briefly because of trucks/bridge structure. It seemed to disappear momentarily. Then I saw it again in approximately the same place but moving north

As I was heading west over the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan, I saw a relatively large box-like object moving very slowly in a southernly direction. From distance and size it seemed to be over the Hudson River and in the proximity 20’s-40’s streets of Manhattan. Approximately the same latitude of the Empire State Building. There was heavy low cloud cover, and the object did not appear to be higher than the Empire State Building. At first, it looked like a prop-plane with a sign behind it angled towards my direction and maybe flying against the wind. You see them advertising over the Hudson, but not usually during winter and with cloud cover. But, I could not see a plane at the front. There was normal helicopter traffic, and there is a heliport on the West Side Highway of Manhattan in the area where this object would have been flying over. I’m reporting this, because somebody else had to have seen this thing if it was a real object.

I watch the skies over New York City all the time, and have never seen anything like this. At one point, I thought maybe it was a sky crane with a boxy payload, or Chinook helicopter blurred by clouds. It had to be at least that big. I thought a blimp, but it didn’t have curved edges at all as you can see in the picture.

This is my first post of this sort although I follow UFO reports in the media and find the topic interesting. I’m posting this just to see if anybody else saw this, or maybe could check out the pictures with better equipment. The photos were taken with a standard Iphone 4S.

The object looked to be the size of small single family house.

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